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Airbag Reset Service

  • Repair service of SRS computers to OEM and 100% functional state.

  • Our computer reset meets  all industry requirements and standards.

  • We has the most updated data to repair  any airbag ECU of any complexity.

  • We also cover the reset of new Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Ford, Mazda, GMC SRS computers built by Denso, Fujitsu, TRW, Autoliv from September 2010 to current.



  • Select the make and model of the vehicle Airbag you wish to replace, Proceed to checkout to buy the service.

  • Uninstall the airbag from the vehicle and package for shipping.

  • Print our shipping packing slip to insert in the shipping box

  • Ship the airbag expedited with a tracking number.

  • Our trained technicians perform the conversion on-site.

  • We ship the materials back to you free of charge for installation.

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